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Winter: Greener than I'd imagined

I was away from North Carolina for 17 years, so I’d forgotten that the local flora is by no means completely dead during the winter. We’ve had a series of warm, wet days, but we’ve also had many nights with lows in the low 20s, with the lowest temperature I’ve recorded so far 16.3F. Not only has a lot of my new grass stayed green during the winter, it’s actually grown a little.

Peppermint can’t be beaten down.

Clover slows way down in the winter, but it winters over, green.

Exuberant grasses

I don’t know what this is, but I have a lot of it, and it thrives during the winter.

In this spot, two bales of straw that defended a raw ditch this spring are now melting into the grassy soil.

Past one of the arbor vitae trees (planted in March), something wicked this way comes.

The straw covers the area where the final grading around the house was done in late October. This newest grass planting has made slow progress all winter.

In the ashes of burnt construction scraps, grass thrives.

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