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Free VPN that seems to work (so far)

When I first started shopping for VPN services some years ago, there was a sleaziness involved. VPN providers seemed to be located in countries that we don’t trust, the kind of countries that Internet scammers work out of. The targeted customers for VPN service seemed to be criminal types with a great deal to hide, as opposed to law-abiding but security-conscious computer users like me. Two or three years ago, I signed up with a U.S.-based VPN provider. But about eight months ago, after I started using HughesNet’s satellite service as my Internet provider, I had to stop using VPN. For some reason, satellite latency makes VPN protocols so slow that they become unusable.

Recently I discovered a new VPN provider, WindScribe. It’s a Canadian company. If we can’t trust Canadians, then whom can we trust?

WindScribe offers two types of VPN. One is a VPN tunnel that encrypts all traffic through your computer. Unfortunately, that’s as slow and useless as any other VPN service on a satellite connection like mine. But WindScribe also has browser plug-ins for Chrome, FireFox, and Opera. I’m using the FireFox plug-in, and it is acceptably fast. The browser plug-ins encrypt and anonymize only the traffic through your web browser, which is enough for me.

You can get either type of VPN service free from WindScribe if you don’t use much data. If you give them an email address, then you get 10 GB free per month. If you don’t give them an email address, then you get only 2 GB per month. The paid service, which is unlimited data billed annually, is reasonably priced. I may upgrade to that after I’ve tried out the free service a bit longer.

Everyone should use a VPN service! Here’s a recent article on why.

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