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Interior doors

At the plant, just finished, invoice waiting

I’ve tried to stick with honest, traditional materials for the house, inside and out. Modern building codes, of course, override some choices. For example, my exterior windows and doors are modern on the outside (high efficiency double-pane glass, aluminum clad) but traditional on the inside (unfinished pine). For my interior doors, I don’t think I could have settled for anything less than old-fashioned, solid wood, paneled doors, even though they’re humble pine.

My brother directed me to a place in East Bend (near the Yadkin River) that sells salvage paneled doors, assembled to order, at about half the cost of similar doors at the local builder’s supply companies. If the doors have flaws, I can’t see them. Anyway, I ordered my interior doors two weeks ago, and they called today to say that they’re ready. Here’s a photo of one of the smaller doors, a closet door. The other seven doors are stacked behind it.

I also ordered my flooring today. The flooring, too, is humble and honest — tongue and groove air-dried pine. I’ll have more photos soon. Mostly this week I’ve been making arrangements for the interior finish work. I’m in the home stretch.

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