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The chickens' first day out


The chickens are now big enough not to get through the wire, so today I let them go downstairs and check out their small coop for the first time.


They were nervous at first, but soon they were contentedly pecking at the ground.


Yesterday I installed an electric fence wire around the bottom of the coop to provide some extra defense against night predators. I don’t think predators could break into this coop anyway, but it’s best to teach them to stay away, lest they make a habit of coming back every night and digging and worrying around the coop.


I tried to keep the hot wire as close to the ground as possible.


Lily sees the chickens for the first time and starts to stalk.






The chickens see her. Heads up!


The chickens run to the other side. Lily quickly lost interest. I think she realizes that she can’t get at the chickens. Plus, she’s probably heard them and smelled them for days and days. The electric wire is turned off, by the way. Lily is not in danger of getting zapped.

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  1. Quetal wrote:

    Hi David
    Do you have chicken wire or another type of wire on the ground portion of the coop, so the critters can’t dig under the coop? I look forward to the chicks maturing and beginning their laying time… should prove exciting and wonderful eating.
    I enjoyed the explanation regarding the grasses and other growth catching the rain and holding it. I never gave that much thought but it certainly makes sense!
    Your place sure is looking great.
    Best to you,

    Friday, May 8, 2009 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

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