Some light and color for Black Monday

Just as the self-quarantine began two days ago, a car rolled in with the abbey’s best friend, who promptly got to work on the overgrowth. If such a bleak and scary time had to occur, what good fortune it is that spring (rather than a winter) is bursting out all over. The neighbors are out walking and visiting and gathering flowers, but everyone maintains the six-foot distance of self-quarantine. The refrigerator and the cabinets are full. The kitchen is running full tilt. I hope that all of you are as well situated.

The news is terrible and seems to be getting worse. The whole world seems strangely unified, focused on the same thing. Then again, I think I’ll take that statement back. Here in the U.S., at least, we seem divided into the usual two groups: Those who try to understand and work with reality, and those who try to deny reality and work against it. It feels as though something historically important is happening.

I’d love to see your comments on how things are in your part of the world.

12 thoughts on “Some light and color for Black Monday”

  1. Good to hear from you David. It’s a nice sunny evening here, the countryside is full of the fresh green shoots of spring. All feels very surreal given what is going on.

  2. Hi Chenda: It’s amazing how fast the situation keeps changing, and not for the better. This would be much scarier if we still had winter ahead of us. Spring is that much more welcome, isn’t it.

  3. We spent part of the winter in Galveston Texas in our motorhome staying at a so called RV resort. We were surrounded by other retired snowbirds until about 10 days ago when the northern return migration began. The snowbirds were gradually being replaced with young families with their children enjoying spring break. Then last week the dam really broke as Galveston schools were on spring break. It was if no one had heard about the virus. Last Thursday we went into town to do some grocery shopping. Stores, amusement parks, beaches, everywhere there were throngs of people. We returned to the park and particpated in a pot luck. Then Friday all this began to soak in and we made the mutual decision to head home where we can isolate and be near our doctors and health care network. We need to stock up on groceries and I’ve discovered how I can order online and pick up at our local Samsclub. My earliest date that I can schedule pickup is Sunday the 22nd. The implications are just now beginning to soak in.

  4. I should have added that on Friday as we were starting our drive north we learned that there was a confirmed case in Galveston county. The actual location was about 20 miles from where we were staying. I can only hope we got out in time. I check the NYT daily and have watched the spread on their updated maps. It’s everywhere in the US except for West Virginia as I type this.

  5. Tom: Yikes. That’s scary about Samsclub. I’ve been hoping that Amazon would be of use if this continues. I have “storage food” here, but I’d prefer to venture out for fresh food once a week or so and order semi-perishables from Amazon. We’ll plan a spring garden this week. Stay well!

  6. Lowes Foods To Go in WS lets you order online and pick up today or tomorrow, depending what time of day you finalize it. Maybe to tide you over until SamsClub delivers for you … if you’re in the neighborhood … :}

  7. There’s more to my samsclub story. A bit later in the morning my wife and I added more items to our grocery list and then went to complete the order. There were no longer any times available on any of the next 6 days. So we couldn’t place the order. This morning I can order from my nearest Walmart for pickup tomorrow.

  8. Elissa: Thank you! Tom: Thank you, too. We are checking our local sources … pretty bleak. The supply run almost certainly will be to Winston-Salem.

  9. Hi David
    Gavin has his team in place. California is leading the nation at helping others, closing this or that. I haven’t seen a soul on the streets for 24+ hours. Our pantry is stocked with dry goods to last 5 weeks. I hear that gun sales have risen, I wonder how many more a household needs . Other states are tightening the hatches. Stay well. Henry

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