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Can you espy the groundhog?

Sorry for the blur. That happens easily with my camera when the light is low.

Solution below. Don’t peek.

The groundhogs love to eat my clover. Until a few months ago, I had a family of groundhogs living within 25 feet of my upper porch. That was a little too close for comfort. I was afraid they’d borrow around the foundation of the house. I harrassed them whenever I saw them by making noises, throwing things, and emptying cat litter down their holes. After a few weeks of harassment, they moved back just inside the woods.

For now, I’m content with where they are. Though groundhogs can be garden pests, I think they’re one of the smaller nuisances. Unlike deer, groundhogs can’t wipe out an entire garden in one night. They’re welcome to the clover. I like the idea of providing habitat for the critters, as long as they don’t bite me or get into my food.


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