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Carroll County cabbage

Southwest Virginia Farmers Market

Let’s see. We’ve got Stokes County sweet potatoes and Yadkin Valley wine. From Carroll County, Virginia, just up the road from Stokes, we get apples and cabbage. Carroll County cabbage is incredibly good and amazingly cheap when the crop’s in season. At high season you can buy it in 50-pound sacks for next to nothing.

Carroll County has had so much success with its cabbage that it’s diversifying into broccoli.

What do you do with 50 pounds of cabbage? What? You don’t have a root cellar? Then I guess you’ll need to make some sauerkraut. To make sauerkraut, you need a cabbage slicer, a crock, and some good salt. Next cabbage season, I’ll make some kraut. Meanwhile, I already bought and stashed a couple of German-made Harsch fermenting crocks:


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