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The new LGBT numbers

Augustine of Hippo with his hair on fire. Philippe de Champaigne, circa 1645. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

A new Gallup poll includes a surprising new statistic. That is that 20.8 percent of Generation Z, defined as those born between 1997 and 2012, identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. What’s surprising is that this change is happening so fast, not that the change is occurring. And no matter what religionists may think, this is a return to the pre-Christian normal, not some sort of breakdown in society.

It is a breakdown, though, in the iron grip of Augustinian religion. I am very happy for Generation Z, but this should multiply our sadness for so many millions of lives made miserable, for 2,000 years, by the church. It’s clearer now just how many millions of lives that was.

Alfred Kinsey shocked the world back in the 1940s with his study of male sexuality. Many said that Kinsey’s numbers, which were based on behavior rather than identity, must have been wrong. Now Kinsey’s numbers and contemporary polls are starting to align. Depending on which of Kinsey’s numbers one compares with contemporary polls, we may be even more surprised by the generation after Generation Z.

There is another sad element here. That is that the young people of Generation Z have little awareness of the history that brought them these gains. The short version is that they can thank the Boomers for it. It was the Boomers and their friends who rose up in great enough numbers not to put up with it anymore and to start society on its return to the norm.

You’re welcome, Generation Z.

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