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There. That's finally done.

Until today, there were two pesky reminders that, three years ago, the sunny acre of land that Acorn Abbey sits upon was an elderly patch of pine trees. Those reminders were two large, ugly woodpiles left over from cleaning up after the loggers. Today Ken moved them. We threw the wood into the rabbit patches. It was all pine, and no one wants to burn pine for heating. No one was interesting in hauling it away to use as fuel.

The next step: to clean up those areas and prepare them to become wildflower patches. This will involve a good bit of tilling, compost, and fertilizer. Today I ordered two pounds of bulk wildflower seeds from Outsidepride. As soon as the danger of frost is past, we’ll sow the wildflowers into the beds.

I never intended to end up with an acre of grass to mow. But here I am. I have a lot of yard. The wildflower patches will cut down a bit on the amount of mowing. But most important is that I wanted to get started on rehabilitating the soil in the wildflower areas. My plan is to use those areas to extend the garden in the future, if I need to. Those areas are outside the garden fence, but surely there are some kinds of crops that the deer won’t destroy.

By the way, the Jeep and the utility trailer have been my only beasts of burden during this project. Most people around here have pickups, but I wanted to avoid the expense of another vehicle to maintain and insure. I can do most anything with the Jeep and trailer that a pickup can do.

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