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Tuna-nut burgers

Burgers made with tuna, ground brazil nuts, ground pumpkin seeds, and an egg

I use quite a lot of canned salmon, tuna, and sardines in the abbey kitchen, but other than that I have never cooked meat here. The protein foods are fish, soy milk, soybeans and other legumes, grains, lots of nuts, some rice, and the eggs that Patience, Ruth and Chastity lay. I’m always looking for ways to work more nuts into my cooking. One new method is to combine nuts ground in the blender with something like tuna for burgers. Brazil nuts are particularly interesting when used in burgers and meat analogs. When ground, they have a kind of crab-like texture.

For the burgers in the photo, I used about three parts nuts and seeds to two parts tuna. The burgers tend to be a bit dry, though, and they crave some kind of savory sauce.

I always buy the nuts from the bulk section at Whole Foods. That’s much cheaper, and fresher, than buying packaged nuts. Walnuts and pine nuts are very expensive. The best bargains in nuts right now are brazil nuts, cashews, and raw macadamia nuts. Hazelnuts also are reasonably priced, but, in my opinion, the flavor of hazelnuts doesn’t combine well with other foods.

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