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Wildflowers in the landscape

When you’re starting a new landscape, and when you’ve got lots of area to fill, it makes sense to have some wildflower patches. Last year I flung a bunch of coreopsis seed in some rough areas where I was not mowing. The coreopsis didn’t bloom in its first year, but this year it’s making a good show.

I had three rough areas, two of them fairly large, where the soil was poor and the ground had never been leveled enough to start grass. Early this spring, with Ken’s help, we tilled those areas, threw on organic fertilizer and compost, and planted wildflower seeds — very densely. Those areas now have lush stands of wildflowers more than a foot tall, but they’re not yet blooming. They’re going to make dramatic stands of wildflowers. I’ll have photos of that later in the summer when the blooming is going strong.

Wildflower seeds can be in bulk, but the pound, from places like I’ve found their seeds to be of very good quality.

We’ve been eating broccoli from the garden for days now. This cabbage will soon be ready to go to the kitchen.

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