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Robin Hood

Some of the cast of Robin of Sherwood, the 1980s TV series

The story of Robin Hood is one of the oldest stories in English literature. The references start in the 13th century and never stop, all the way up to our own times.

When “Robin of Sherwood” became a cult television item during the 1980s, I never saw any of them. But they are available on DVD, and Netflix’s system for recommending things recommended it to me, since I have gotten so many BBC series through Netflix.

In a way, Robin Hood is always timely, because the rich are always looking for ways to steal from the poor, and always pervert justice to get away with it. But now, as the Occupy Wall Street era begins (I hope it will be an era), Robin Hood is particularly timely.

Michael Praed as Robin Hood, episode 1:

You were sleeping. You slept too long. We all have… Villages destroyed so that princes can hunt unhindered, the people bled white to pay for foreign wars. No voice. No justice. No England! Well, it’s time to fight back.

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