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Let's all scratch in the dirt

When the daffodils are out, it is time to scratch in the dirt.

Onions, lettuce, and chard from plants bought at the roller mill in Walnut Cove. They don’t look like much when they first go in the ground, but they’ll be much more photogenic in a few weeks. I’m probably about two weeks away from planting my broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. Those plants are being started for me in a nearby greenhouse from seeds I ordered from Baker Creek. I figured that a greenhouse could do a much better job with young plants than I can do under a grow light in front of a window, which is how I started my plants last year.

I finally found some sour cherry trees, Montmorency. I bought two, and Ken planted them yesterday. I’m not entirely happy starting fruit trees in the spring, and the dirt ball on these trees was poor. But having spent more than two years looking for sour cherry trees, I’ll take what I can get when I can get it. We also planted a peach tree, a couple of lilacs, and some NanKing cherries (see below).

A gardener friend of mine recommended NanKing cherries. I was not familiar with them. They’re a shrub that produce edible cherries that the birds also love. They’re a hardy plant from Asia that was brought to this country over a century ago. NanKing cherries grow in the Himalayas.

When we scratch in the dirt, the chickens come running up to help. They know that it will mean worms and grubs for them.



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