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An Irishman speaks up for America

Michael D. Higgins, president of Ireland

Last year, when Michael D. Higgins was elected president of Ireland, I wrote a post about how delightful it is that there are countries in the world capable of electing poets for president. Higgins promised to govern Ireland from principles other than wealth.

Higgins used to live in the United States. He knows this country, and he follows our politics. Here is a link to a stunning radio interview (“A tea partier decided to pick a fight with a foreign president; it didn’t go so well”) in which Higgins gives T-total hell to some Tea Partiers. It is not to be missed.

This pairs nicely with yesterday’s post about Julian Assange. Russians — Russians! — can try to get the truth to the American people, while the American media are nothing but a pig circus. In this interview, Higgins, an Irishmen, stands up for the principles of social justice in a way that never happens in the United States, because our media are corrupt and the Democratic party is feckless and cowardly.

If people in this country who care about social justice dared to speak with passion, then perverted projects like the Tea Party would soon fade away. When did it become impossible for justice-loving people to talk like this in the United States? When did our churches start to glorify war, exploitation, and greed? Why are we such cowards in standing up to people like the Tea Partiers, or the people on hate radio?

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