Foyle's War

Foyle’s War, no doubt, is old news to many of you. But I don’t have cable or satellite. It’s Netflix that provides the entertainment at Acorn Abbey, and so I always run a few years behind.

This BBC series has been through seven seasons, starting in Britain in 2002. It was brought to the United States by Masterpiece Mystery. An eighth season is in the works for next year.

When I first started watching Foyle’s War, I saw it as filler entertainment — something to watch when there were no more blockbusters on my Netflix list. But I quickly became addicted to it.

The series follows the British all the way through World War II, starting in May 1940. We see the war through the lives of a detective, Christopher Foyle, and the people in his life. There is a core cast that appears in each episode. But the supporting cast is different in each episode. The cast and acting are superb. During the course of the series they must have employed all the best character actors that Britain has to offer, plus some major stars who appear in only one episode. The casting is so rich that you get big-name actors like James McAvoy in minor roles. I expect Maggie Smith to show up any episode now.

The series is set in the Channel town of Hastings — as in the Battle of Hastings during the Norman Conquest. When England is threatened, Hastings is ground zero, so it’s a great choice as a setting.

The scenery is incredible. The houses and sets are beautiful. The antique vehicles are impressive, with regular appearances by antique aircraft including Spitfires.

The series also is a wonderful education on World War II. I’ve read a couple of books lately on World War II, so this series has fit in nicely. We begin to actually feel the fatique and bravery of the British as the war wears on and on, with World War I still fresh in their minds.

It’s television at its best. Not to be missed.

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  1. Outstanding series. Unfortunately it is no longer on Netflix
    I must now pick through you tube and do not always find the episodes in sequence.
    However each episode stands on its own. I am acquainted with a 93 year old Gent who was a Lancaster bomber pilot and he is quite impressed by the veracity of the series. Cheers

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