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An abbey bird list

A Carolina wren in a sycamore tree

Recently a visitor to the abbey made a list of the birds she identified here during a few days of birdwatching. The visitor is a friend of Ken’s, Rebecca, from Washington D.C. Here is her list of birds seen at or near Acorn Abbey:

1. Loggerhead Shrike

2. Carolina Wren

3. American Crow

4. Barred Owl

5. Carolina Chickadee

6. Common Yellowthroat

7. Cooper’s Hawk

8. Northern Cardinal

9. Red-bellied Woodpecker

10. Ruby-throated Hummingbird

11. Tufted Titmouse

12. Eastern Phoebe

13. Eastern Bluebird

14. Cerulean Warbler

15. Chipping Sparrow

16. Scarlet Tanager (en route to Acorn Abbey)

17. White-breasted Nuthatch

18. Pileated Woodpecker (Hanging Rock)

19. Wild Turkey (Hanging Rock)

20. Turkey Vulture (Hanging Rock)

21. Black Vulture

22. Eastern Towhee

23. House Sparrow

24. Mourning Dove

25. Northern Mockingbird

26. Brown-headed Cowbird

27. Pine Warbler

28. Indigo Bunting

29. American Redstart

30. Brown Thrasher

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