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Low-carb cinnamon rolls

The barley experiments continue. I’m also experimenting with another low-carb ingredient — almond meal. These cinnamon rolls were made this morning with about 1/3 gluten flour, 1/3 barley flour, and 1/3 almond meal. That’s a good, high-protein low-carb combination. Of course there’s a bit of powdered sugar (and butter and cinnamon), but I kept the sugar content as low as possible.

As I’ve mentioned before here, I have no problems with gluten, and I see no reason to avoid it in my own cooking. Though there can be little doubt that gluten intolerance is increasing in the population, I have doubts that the wheat — or gluten — is really to blame. Some people are skeptical that it’s true that no genetically modified wheat is grown in this country, but if you do some research, I think you’ll find that that’s the case. There is increasing evidence that the real problem is with people’s intestinal flora, not with gluten. Again, you’d have to do your own research. But I’d encourage people to be highly skeptical of the industry that has grown up around the demonization of wheat.

A little bit of gluten flour goes a long way. Actually, 1/3 gluten flour was a bit too much, so I’ll reduce it next time. There can be no bread without gluten. I believe I could make bread out of granite sand if I used about 1/3 gluten flour. By adding gluten, it’s easy to get beautiful bread out of heavy ingredients such as barley flour and almond meal.

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