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Today: stalking trains, tractors and lilies

A diesel engine belonging to the Yadkin Valley Railroad stands idle on a sidetrack at Donnaha, right beside the Yadkin River. Yadkin Valley Railroad is a tiny railroad owned by Gulf and Ohio. It has two lines — one from Rural Hall to Mount Airy (48 miles), and another from Rural Hall to Elkin and North Wilkesboro (66 miles). Donnaha is on the Elkin/North Wilkesboro line. Rural Hall is in Forsyth County right on the Stokes County line.

That white Jeep gets around.

I’ve never seen a tractor I didn’t love. This one belongs to the railroad, and I have no idea what kind of work it does.

A day lily at Holden Gardens in Yadkin County. Holden Gardens raises a wide variety of day lilies. I put in an order for 300 fans of plain old roadside lilies. Holden Gardens is off Courtney-Huntsville Road about four miles from my mother’s place.

The homeplace at Holden Gardens.

The wellhouse at the Holden Gardens homeplace.

Day lilies with tractor at Holden Gardens

Day lily with beetle

One of the owner-operators at Holden Gardens

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