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Framing, Days 3 and 4: the 1st floor is done

The framers were able to work a part day on Tuesday. It rained all day on Wednesday. There was a little more than 3 inches of rain here from the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay.


Behind the Tyvek you can see the door and windows to the porch that faces uphill toward the garden. Most of the joists are in place for the second floor. The hole in the joists at the back is for the living room, which has a ceiling over 20 feet high.

The kitchen sink will be at an angle in a corner facing two windows. The windows have a great view of the woods.

For reference, here’s the fa├žade again. The framing so far has reached about a third of its full altitude. The height of the house from the downstairs floor to the tip of the roof is about 33 feet. The height from the basement floor to the tip of the roof is — gulp — over 40 feet.

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