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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Dieticians give their blessing to vegans

A vegan summer supper here in the sticks. The tofu, walnuts, and sesame dipping sauce mix amino acids from legumes, seeds, and nuts to boost the quality of the protein. I’m not a strict vegan, but I eat lots of vegan meals. Tofu is mighty tasty if you dip it in the right stuff. The […]

Chicken news

Behind the new defenses My hens will soon be five months old, so they should start laying before long. I decided to go ahead and switch them to laying mash. Until now, they’ve been eating a Purina starter mash. I was delighted to find out that the roller mill at Walnut Cove, where I buy […]

From Time magazine:

Time magazine has a lame piece today on why there is more obesity in the South than in the rest of the country. They’re right about some things, for example the correlation of health and weight to income. But they trot out all the old stereotypes about biscuits, fried chicken, and pie. Southerners have always […]

Critters seeking habitat 9,462; David 1

My new neighbor’s new digs, just up the hill from my side porch This evening I went out to the deck to dump some supper scraps in the compost bucket. I happened to look up the hill. I saw a groundhog sitting on a newly excavated pile of dirt. I got the camera and went […]

Powering up the radio room

I’ve had very little access to the ham radio bands since I left San Francisco in February 2008. Though I have a VHF/UHF transceiver on the Jeep, and though I had a crummy VHF/UHF antenna installed outside the trailer, VHF and UHF serve only for local line-of-sight communication. For longer-haul communication, one needs longer antennas […]

Hymns in strange places

Frédéric Chopin, nocturne in G minor, Opus 37, No. 11 Some years ago, a friend who is a professional pianist (and not a very nice person), hearing what I was playing at the piano, made the rude comment, “Hymns are the lowest form of music, you know.” Instantly angry, I threw an insult back at […]