Let the winter projects begin

Ken is back. And he seems to have brought the arctic air with him. He’ll be here for a month or so. The main winter project that he’s going to help me with is the irrigation project. That involves enlarging a spot in the stream to serve as a reservoir, running some pipe up the hill to the garden, and putting in a water storage tank. There’s also a lot of mulching and composting to be done.

Ken’s van was parked here while he was in Alaska and traveling for the past six months. He got the van back on the road today and plans to do some peregrinating and van-dwelling.

As for the weather, the long stretch of unseasonably warm weather has ended for now, with a low of 16F forecast for tonight.

Ruth steals cabbage

This Carolina jasmine bloom popped out during the warm weather. The cold snap will put an end to that.