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What's up the road from me

I live on a private, unpaved, gravel road that provides access to six parcels of land. All the neighbors have more land than I do (I have five acres). I’m about .4 mile down this road. After the road passes my place, it leads to a neighbor’s cabin, then turns into a tractor track that follows a little stream for a while and then winds up the next ridge. I’ll have photos of down the road later; it’s much more complicated and picturesque in a very different way than up the road. But for now, here’s what lies up the road. (Up means toward the public paved road, and down means into the woods.)

Up the road about 150 yards, past the neighbors horse pasture

The neighbor’s horse pasture

About 500 yards up the road from me

The neighbor’s horse pasture

Where the road dips down to my place

The driveway leading to the neighbors horse barn

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  1. Quetal wrote:


    It’s nice to see that you are moving right on in. Your latest additions are great pictures, few words tell the adventure you are having…

    All is well back in San Francisco. The tourist both foreign and domestic are pouring in because of the great weather and low dollar value. I was waiting in line at a Peets for coffee and got into a conversation with a man from Minneapolis – said its still snowing out there and my wife and I needed a break. All the French and Italian folks are walking around with tons of bags filled with Goodies from Prada, Bloomies etc.


    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 5:43 pm | Permalink

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