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Gardening with raised beds

My first raised bed. This one will soon have tomatoes in it.

I plan to garden using raised beds. If you do some Googling or ask someone who uses them, you’ll find they have a number of advantages. A couple of advantages that aren’t often mentioned: They make life easier for inexperienced gardeners like me. And they make it easier to work using only hand tools.

I don’t want to start collecting a bunch of powered machinery. It costs a lot of money, they have to be stored somewhere, they require maintenance, they make noise, and they use fuel. I want to try to do as much as I can using simple hand tools.

I’ll build a couple more of these raised beds during the next week or so. They’re not that much trouble to make, and they’re not that expensive. About $40 in posts, and about $70 for the commercial topsoil and composted cow manure to put in them.

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