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New plantings

The red maple

I’m very lucky to have a garden shop a few miles away owned by the county’s former agricultural extension agent. I bought some bargain trees from him that were planted yesterday. The trees (though I didn’t know it when I picked them out) were all trade-show trees from Monrovia nurseries that Michael had bought after a trade show two or three years ago. The trees have been in their pots all that time, waiting for the day when the garden shop would open. The trade-show look had worn off, but the trees were beautiful specimens in good condition, pot bound, and eager to be planted. I got them at a bargain price.

Yesterday Michael and his helper planted a number of new things at the abbey: a red maple as a shade tree, a weeping willow, a conical ligustrum, two kiwis, two figs, and two raspberries.

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