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Crazy birds!

Wikipedia: a red-tailed hawk

It is never silent here. I am surrounded by a dense population of birds. One thing I’ve learned: It is wrong to think that birds always sing. Sometimes they do. But sometimes they yell. They quarrel. They scold. And clearly they communicate. The hawks have been extremely noisy for days down in the woods. I don’t know what kind of hawks they are, and I don’t know for sure why they have been so noisy. My assumption, though, is that they have fledglings on the ground or in the trees, and they’re looking out for and protecting the fledglings. I was able to get about 30 seconds of recording today when one of the hawks came to a nearby tree. Note that this is not just one hawk squawking. It is two more more hawks communicating. Or so I deduce because they take turns and don’t usually squawk at the same time. In this recording, at 28 seconds, the hawk starts to squawk, then its sound takes on a warbling sound. The warbling is because it took wing and flew back into the woods.

Click below to play the MP3 file:


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