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Once you’re on the slippery slope of good homemade pizza, you’re bound to fall into the decadent land of stromboli. I saw a stromboli at Whole Foods (where they bake very good pizza, by the way) and I knew that I was doomed to try it at home.

This stromboli is filled with cauliflower, seared brussels sprouts, fake sausage, mozzarella, parmesan, and garlic. I partly cooked the cauliflower by steaming it before putting it into the stromboli. The crust is like a pizza crust. This crust is half unbleached flour and half whole wheat sprouted flour.

This was my first effort at stromboli. It came out a bit ugly, but it was good. It seems there are multiple methods for shaping stromboli. I’d recommend some Googling and watching some YouTube videos to find a stromboli method that works for you.


I used the slash-and-braid method of shaping the stromboli.

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