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New music on Dec. 18?


My mention of John Williams’ “Leia’s theme” in a recent post got me wondering about the sound track for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which will open on Dec. 18.

The Wikipedia article confirms that Disney commissioned John Williams to compose the score. We also know that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill will return (somewhat older) in their old roles. So it stands to reason that the score will include the old themes. In the Wikipedia article, Williams confirms that we’ll hear the old themes, but he doesn’t say much about new musical themes:

[The old themes] “will seem very natural and right in the moments for which we’ve chosen to do these kinds of quotes. There aren’t many of them, but there are a few that I think are important and will seem very much a part of the fabric of the piece in a positive and constructive way.”

As you can imagine, Star Wars fans worldwide have been sleuthing and looking for leaks. Amazon France apparently accidentally leaked the track list for the soundtrack CD:

1. Main title and the attack on the jakku village
2. The scavenger
3. I can fly anything
4. Rey meets bb-8
5. Follow me
6. Rey’s thème
7. The falcon
8. That girl with the staff
9. The rathtars!
10. Finn’s confession
11. Maz’s counsel
12. The starkiller
13. Kylo ren arrives at the battle
14. The abduction
15. Han and leia
16. March of the resistance
17. Snoke
18. On the inside
19. Torn apart
20. The ways of the force
21. Scherzo for X-wings
22. Farewell and the trip
23. The jedi steps and finale

It sure looks like there’s some new stuff there. I have pre-ordered the soundtrack CD from Amazon. Though I have a lot of doubts about what Disney will do with Star Wars, we can surely count on John Williams to get the music right. Dec. 18 will be not just a big day for cinema. It also will be a big day for music.

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