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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Makin' the best of the early garden

With the garden sorta-kinda producing, curry seems to be the default supper. The squash came from the Danbury farmer’s market, because I’m still getting very few. But the cayenne, green pepper, and green tomatoes came from my garden. My sister grew the garlic. A hastily improvised raita to go with the curry — cucumber and […]

Crazy birds!

Wikipedia: a red-tailed hawk It is never silent here. I am surrounded by a dense population of birds. One thing I’ve learned: It is wrong to think that birds always sing. Sometimes they do. But sometimes they yell. They quarrel. They scold. And clearly they communicate. The hawks have been extremely noisy for days down […]

David 0, Nature 962

Nature abhors a vacuum. I suspect that nature also abhors farmers. I have thrown massive amounts of labor, fertilizer, lime and seed at the acre I cleared of old pine trees back in February. I was desperate for ground cover. Though some of what I planted took root and grew some, once the rain begins […]

Fried green tomatoes…

… for when you just can’t wait any longer for the tomatoes to get ripe. These tomatoes are fried in a simple batter of whole wheat flour, water, a little baking powder, and a little salt. A generous portion of coconut oil went into the frying pan.

Hurricane season begins

Weather Underground The Atlantic hurricane season is off and running. Tropical Storm Bertha is now forming in the South Atlantic. Jeff Masters at Weather Underground, whose excellent blog follows these storms and gives good descriptions of the meteorology behind them, says that Bertha has already set a record. It’s the farthest east a tropical storm […]

Vegan pesto

Vegan pesto with homegrown basil and homegrown garlic If you’ve got fresh basil (and I do — apparently the deer don’t like it and left it for me), then you’ve got to make pesto. No pine nuts? Use walnuts. No parmesan? Use … brewer’s yeast. Living in an RV and no proper chopping instruments? Just […]