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Monthly Archives: March 2011

In Wisconsin, the farmers join in

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel The protests in Wisconsin are growing, and now the farmers have joined in. The Crooks and Liars blog mentions this telling commentary from a Fox News shouting head who thank goodness I’ve never heard of, Jay Townsend: TOWNSEND: I take away this. Number one, elections have consequences. Number two, unions will never […]

First daffodils

The first daffodils finally opened yesterday. For some reason, my daffodils bloom later than other daffodils nearby. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a slight difference in the genes of my daffodils. Sometimes I think the air is a bit cooler here, because Acorn Abbey sits down in a small valley surrounded by ridges. Maybe […]

Decorporatizing your life

Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” One of the many puzzling things about today’s political environment is why so many of the people who distrust government think that corporations can do no wrong. My view is that out-of-control, anti-democracy corporations are far more dangerous than government. Mind you, I don’t want to totally demonize corporations the way some […]

Book recommendation

For the past two years, I’ve been gardening in raised beds. Now that I have a deer fence and have prepared a real garden area, I can move beyond raised beds and do old-fashioned in-the-dirt gardening. But one of the things that shocked me while gardening in raised beds was the huge amount of watering […]

Grass maintenance

Every spring and every fall, the grass gets the same treatment: lime, fertilizer, and more seed. We also repair bare spots and pick up rocks. Today we picked up almost a wheelbarrow load of rocks while working on smoothing out one of the remaining rough areas of the yard. Yesterday Ken planted two holly trees, […]

Population growth? Run for your life…

Sometimes I have survivor’s guilt. I got in my Jeep, I drove and drove and drove, and I escaped the corporate life. Not only that, but many people struggling to get closer to the troughs in the corporate feedlots tried to eat my lunch back then, but I beat them back. It was self-defense, but […]