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Who doesn’t love a band?

Stokes County’s biggest public event is the Stokes Stomp, an outdoor music festival that happens each September on the weekend after Labor Day. The Democratic Party had a booth, of course. But I sneaked away from the booth when the army band arrived.

As the band regrouped at the stage for the national anthem, I asked the band director, “When’s the Sousa?” Much to my disappointment, he said that too many members of the band were sidelined with Covid for a concert band performance. Drat. Maybe next year. And by the way, a nicer and more polite group of people you’ll never see.

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  1. Jo wrote:

    David, I think those small town celebrations are always the best. Smallest I have seen is the Vashti community (located between Taylorsville and Wilkesboro, NC) parade to celebrate July 4th. One I have attended most is the parade in Blowing Rock, NC, also to celebrate July 4th. It has become so popular that finding a parking spot is not easy.

    Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

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