Still life with roses


Eight days ago at Trader Joe’s, on impulse, I bought a bundle of 20 roses because the price was agreeable. I expected them to last four or five days at best. But, more than a week later, they’ve opened nicely and are still going strong.

Pots of flowers always remind me of San Francisco. If you rode a bus home from downtown on a Friday, half the people heading home on the bus would have a bundle of flowers in their lap — especially the guys taking them home to their girlfriends and boyfriends. It was a tradition in San Francisco — fresh flowers for the weekend.

I think I will put fresh flowers on my shopping list each week. It’s amazing how they light up the house during the winter.

One thought on “Still life with roses”

  1. Oh, those are just beautiful. Nice you are enjoying them for an extended time. I agree flowers are a nice winter treat. I picked up four very small Christmas (I thought)cacti at the end of last year. My daughter repotted them and they are much, much larger and blooming beautifully on her enclosed porch. One has already dropped its blooms, another just beginning to bloom and the other two were in full bloom today. So, guess two Thanksgiving cactus, one Christmas – the other?

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