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It’s time for ridicule now, everyone


Any time the make-believe right-wing world is imploding, which is a lot these days, I like to go to the Drudge Report to see how they’re spinning it. Just last week, for example, everyone in the right-wing bubble just knew that Wikileaks was going to release some stuff that would absolutely destroy Hillary once and for all. Instead they got a Wikileaks infomercial trying to raise money for Wikileaks. It was hilarious.

Drudge Report flopped around all day today trying to figure out what to do with the Trump meltdown. Finally they got a headline in the Wall Street Journal that was suitable for Drudgers. I’ve reproduced it below.

Is there an equivalence? Is the Drudge view of the world equally real? Sometimes it takes months and even years for the right-wing delusions spread by the right-wing media to fly apart. It this case, it will take, at most, exactly one month. Let us count the days.



Tabloid media aside, here’s what New York Times readers are seeing. Let’s revisit these headlines on Nov. 9.


P.S. What was it you were saying about Bill and Hillary? For the last twenty years?


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