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Canned salmon?

Salmon cake bound with egg and brewer’s yeast and fried in coconut oil, mashed sweet potatoes, cauliflower, onion. It’s all anti-inflammatory.

I used to feel guilty about liking, and buying, canned salmon, for fear that the canning process degraded it. But now, I think, not anymore. Canned salmon actually is on the “Eco-best” list of the Environmental Defense Fund. Canned salmon is relatively cheap, stores extremely well, ships without refrigeration, etc.

Plus, salmon is good for your lipid profile, and therefore helps you diminish inflammation. I have mentioned anti-inflammation theory before in this blog. New research is bearing out the connection between inflammation and all sorts of chronic diseases, not to mention the problems that tend to go with aging. The inflammation angle may be the factor that makes the Mediterranean diet so beneficial.

This New York Times article is a good place to start your research on anti-inflammation theory.

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