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Kindle 2.0 on the way?

An older Kindle 1.0 (

Rumors of an updated model of the Kindle, which everyone has been calling Kindle 2.0, have been kicking around for months. Amazon ran out of Kindles before the holidays.

Now a blogger at the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Amazon has scheduled a press event in New York for Feb. 9 that everyone assumes will be the rollout for Kindle 2.0. I’m hoping that Amazon also will reduce the price.

The neat thing about the Kindle is that it automatically downloads new content using the EVDO cellular network, and Amazon pays the bill for the EVDO. The Kindle comes with a basic Web browser, so that means it can be used to browse the Internet, or check your email, while out and about, with Amazon paying the network costs. Since I’m in the market for a way to check email while out and about, that makes the Kindle very tempting. Back in San Francisco I had a Blackberry, and yes, I miss it. I can’t justify the expense of a Blackberry here in the woods. My EVDO and cell phone bills are already high enough. But I’m hoping the Kindle would serve as a poor person’s Blackberry. You’d have to buy the Kindle, of course, but there’d be no monthly bill for Internet service.

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