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Trim work

The gothic window in the upstairs bedroom, newly trimmed. I haven’t made a decision yet on what kind of finish to use on the floors and woodwork. Shellac, probably.

A lot’s been happening this week, and I haven’t had time to post photos. Also, the house is cluttered right now with saws, tools, ladders, and wood scraps. By Monday or Tuesday, the work should be finished on the wood trim work, as well as the stairs and balcony rails. The bathroom floors also remain to be done, though I have the materials for that. Lowe’s had a special on some marble tiles that I’ll use for the bathroom floor.

After the trim work is done, I’ll be in the home stretch. The remaining work will be installing the cabinets, the plumbing fixtures, and the electrical fixtures. Then I’ll have a huge amount of work to do finishing all that wood and painting all those walls and ceilings.

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