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One last noble service from your mayonnaise jars

It bugs me how much food gets wasted inside retail food jars, no matter how much scraping you do when the jar is empty. With mayonnaise jars, my solution is to keep the near-empty jars in the refrigerator until I need a quick salad dressing. Add vinegar, seasonings, and herbs, shake it up, and you’re done.

This particular empty-jar dressing included fresh dill and borage. I used it on raw vegetables that came from the garden this morning — onion, cucumber, squash, and tomato. This supper was my reward for three hours of toil this morning. I pulled out the defunct spring crops such as kale and gave the garden a good weeding. Now I have spaces where I can plant late tomatoes, late basil, and such.

This was my first proper supper from the summer garden. That’s variegated beets on the plate (they were mostly white, yellow, and pink).

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