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Strawberry preserves

The sign marks the spot on Brook Cove Road.

It had been 20 years since I’d made strawberry preserves. Ken was eager to make preserves for the first time. Monday, May 10, was an unusually cool day, perfect for picking strawberries. So off to Mabe’s Berry Farm we went. Mabe’s Berry Farm is on Brook Cove Road near Walnut Cove.

A strawberry field worker loads berries to be sold already picked.

The berries are cheaper if you pick them yourself. Here’s Ken with the three gallons of strawberries we picked.

Our berries are transferred to boxes for the ride home.

Back at home, the jars and berries are almost ready to start. The jars will go into the dishwasher to get them clean and hot.

Ken caps strawberries.

Washed and capped and ready to cook

The strawberries are boiled with sugar. The preserves use a lot of sugar — five cups of sugar for each quart and a half of strawberries. The lids are boiling in the pot to the right.

All done.

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