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Finally, a little rain

Young grapes, still wet from the rain and the dew

This week has been the hottest, most miserable week of weather that I can remember. For three days, the temperature went over 100. I believe the highest temperature we reached was over 102. The ground was dry, hard, and baked. The grass was turning brown. Ken and the water hose have been hard pressed to keep the garden and the new plantings going.

Finally, just before midnight last night, a storm moved through. This storm was moving from north to south out of Virginia, and it hit Stokes County head on. Here on the eastern side of the county, we didn’t get as much rain, but from the looks of the radar, most of the county got a good soaking. I’m going to the farmer’s market at Danbury later this morning. I can’t wait to ask the farmers how much rain they got.

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