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… and still more cleanup

Chipping away at the brush pile

To the loggers there were three grades of wood: good logs for the sawmill, sorry logs for pulpwood (but hauled away, at least), and the sorriest logs of all which were left behind for me to saw into firewood.

Two guys and a chipping machine (with a little help from me) spent seven hours today cleaning up after the loggers. We made a dent in it, but much work remains. We’ll spend another day at it tomorrow and see how things look.

The electrician has finished the temporary power post. The county inspector has approved it. As soon as Energy United lights it up, I’ll have electricity. Once I have electricity, I’ll get a pump in the well — and have water! — as soon as possible. Energy United, by the way, is an electric co-op. I haven’t had a chance to look into how their service and rates compare with their competitor, Duke Energy.

This is a 6″x6″x16′ post. It supports 100 amps of service, with lots of outlets, both 110-volt and 200-volt. It wasn’t cheap.

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