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Radiation report

I am measuring slightly elevated background radiation today. There is a random factor that makes short-term measurements unreliable. A more reliable reading would average radiation levels over, say, an hour or so, and I’m not equipped to do that. But it does appear to me that background levels are trending more toward .03 and .04 milli-Roentgen per hour, as opposed to the .02 that I measured eight days ago.

That’s nothing to be alarmed about, but since the Associated Press is reporting that this radiation is coming from iodine-131 blowing in from Japan, it could do no harm to start taking a kelp-based iodine supplement now.

The real lesson here, though, is to start thinking about being more prepared for future radiation events. Sooner or later it will happen. Take a look at the Radiation Network web site. It shows radiation monitoring stations around the country. It also shows the locations of nuclear plants. Here in western North Carolina we are particularly exposed to nuclear plants in eastern Tennessee. Prevailing winds blow this way.

I’m guessing that iodine supplements including kelp are sold out and hard to find right now. But as soon as you can find some kelp tablets, I’d recommend buying it.

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