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Vegan pimento cheese

There are lots of vegan cheese substitutes on the market. I’ve never found one that I thought was good. If you Google, you’ll also find recipes for vegan pimento cheese with ingredients similar to my favorite recipe. However, the recipe in Frank and Rosalie Hurd’s Ten Talents cookbook is so good that I don’t feel a need to try other recipes.

A key ingredient in this recipe is agar agar, a kind of vegan gelatin made from seaweed. The agar agar doesn’t really add any flavor. It just gives the pimento cheese a cheese-like body, while also adding all those nice trace minerals that are found in sea vegetables. Whole Foods carries agar agar. For the pimentos, I get big jars of roasted peppers at Whole Foods. It’s cheaper in the big jar, and it’s of higher quality that the little jars of pimentos found in most grocery stores.

The Hurds’ recipe uses a blender. I find that it’s difficult to make in a blender, so I use a food processor instead. Don’t be afraid of the yeast. It actually adds a nice, cheesy flavor to the pimento cheese. The recipe uses quite a lot of oil, so that the vegan cheese has about the same fat content as real cheese. I’m sure you could reduce the amount of olive oil without spoiling the recipe.

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