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What's happening outdoors, June 3

One of the first cosmos blooms in one of my wildflower patches. Can you espy the beetle?

May was cool and rainy, but we’ve been in a hot, dry spell now for about a week. So far, the garden and landscape are tolerating the weather well. I’ve watered the celery, but that’s just the nature of celery. The beets are looking a little wilty, but they’re a cool-weather crop, and they’re almost ready to harvest. Otherwise the garden is looking great. The tomatoes love the hot weather, as do the cucurbits — squash, pumpkin, watermelon, and canteloupe — all of which are young plants started from seed. The real test will come in July and August, but so far the water-saving gardening methods advocated by Steve Solomon (Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times) seem to be working well. The tomatoes and squash, in particular, seem to be finding plenty of water deep in the soil.

The day lily bank

The onions are blooming and will need to be harvested soon.

I’ll harvest the celery as soon as the hot weather slows it down.

A young pumpkin plant

Young blackberries, on the way to the mailbox

Holly, who lives up the road near the mailbox and who sometimes comes to visit and stomp in my flower beds. The funny look is because she’s suspicious of my camera.

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