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Peaches and cream

For years, fats have been so demonized that I avoided cream. Now I confess that I keep cream in the refrigerator all the time. Cream makes a great base for a quick sauce for fish or vegetables. And of course there’s peaches and cream.

I buy organic cream from Whole Foods. Most of what is sold as cream these days is full of adulterants.

Unfortunately, I didn’t grow those peaches. I had a great peach crop coming along, but a raccoon got into the trees and stole every last one of them. No doubt it was the same raccoon that also stole all the corn and made a wreck of the garden in doing so.

I can’t bring myself to shoot a raccoon — at least not yet. I need to make a winter project of making the garden and orchard fence raccoon-proof. There are spots where they can get under the fence. With those spots fixed, and some work around the gates, a raccoon-proof fence should be possible. I might even throw in a low run of electrical wire to discourage meddling.

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  1. trailshome wrote:

    We gave up on corn until we discovered a small electric fence unit. Now we use a battery operated sprinkler scarecrow attached to a hose in the garden at night to scare rabbits and raccoons away from most of the garden, and two strands of electric fence when the corn gets near ripe and it works. Good luck. It’s awful to do all the work to raise food, only to have the varmints swipe it just as it gets ready.

    Friday, August 10, 2012 at 5:35 pm | Permalink

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