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People I may know??

Facebook flatters and amuses me sometimes with the people it thinks I may know. Helen Mirren? Not hardly. And today Facebook thinks I may know Susan Sarandon. I have no idea why. I don’t think she shops at the same grocery store I do.

Facebook seems to think that I know pretty much all the San Francisco city supervisors and political muckedy-mucks, and even a few muckedy-mucks and pundits in Washington, like David Frum. That’s no mystery, though. I know a lot of journalists, and journalists — who ought to be keeping their distance — are “friending” their sources. Tsk. Tsk. I did once get an angry phone call from Tom Ammiano after he didn’t like an op-ed I wrote in the San Francisco Examiner. My former boss at the Examiner was married to Sharon Stone. That marriage has ended, but I can see on Facebook who he hangs out with these days. Hi, Sean. I don’t think I know you…

As for Helen Mirren, I’m friends with two writers who obviously know her and other Hollywood types. I frequently get pictures sloshing over of Laura Linney, or Ian McKellen. Unfortunately I never met them, nor would they be interested in being Facebook friends with nobodys like me. Susan Sarandon? I have no idea what the connection, if any, that Facebook is finding might be. But I do see enough material sloshing over from our social superiors on Facebook to know that they are on Facebook, they all know each other, they don’t know us, and they have way more fun than we do.

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