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Ken dines in Dingle (without me)

Photos by Ken Ilgunas

Ken is in Ireland, near the end of a six-week trip to England, France, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. He’ll be home in a few days.

I insisted that, while he is in Dingle in County Kerry, he have dinner at my favorite place — Benners Hotel. This evening he emailed me photos from Dingle, including a photo of his Sunday night supper. Pricey, wasn’t it, Ken?

I’ve stayed at Benners Hotel in Dingle on both my trips to Ireland. The food is excellent. Dingle is a charming fishing village on the coast of County Kerry. And County Kerry is on the west coast of Ireland. One of the great things about the Kerry coast is that the highest mountain in Ireland is right up against the sea, making for some rugged terrain and wild scenery. Off the coast lie the mysterious skelligs — the spires of rock jutting out of the sea. Some of the skelligs are like small islands. There was a tiny monastery on Skellig Michael during the Middle Ages.

No doubt Ken will have more photos from County Kerry later on.





A photo of the Dingle harbor that I took on my last trip there.

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