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Clothes dryers: Just say no


When I moved into the abbey, I bought a washing machine with the intention of buying a dryer later on. It has been more than four years, and I’ve still not bought a dryer. I just haven’t seen the need for it.

There is a clothesline that is convenient to the back door. I hung out a load of clothes this morning when it was 38 degrees, and it’s really not that bad. If there’s a run of rainy weather, the laundry can be draped over the upstairs railings. It may look a little sloppy for a while, but it works just fine.

Dryers, of course, use a huge amount of energy. Dryers also eat clothes. My guess is that dryers wear out clothes almost as much as wearing them. Who needs them. At the very least, who needs them all the time.

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  1. Jo Anne Sapp wrote:

    David, while we own a dryer, it is seldom used as I love the smell of clothes dried outside. We use wooden racks for almost everything except sheets during the winter. Towels are tossed in the dryer just long enough to soften them as my grandson has an auto-immune skin condition. Good old-fashioned baking soda helps to soften laundry too. I enjoy your blog so much.

    Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 10:02 pm | Permalink

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