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Wild ramps, and ramp pesto


I have heard of ramps for many years, but not until today did I finally taste them. Ramps are members of the onion-garlic-leek family, and they grow wild all over the Appalachians. A friend gave them to me on a recent trip to Asheville. Ramps appear in April, I believe, and then they fade.

I made the tops of the ramps into pesto. Though the bulbs (which look like little onions) are as edible as the tops, I saved the bulbs to plant in the branch bottom where the May apples grow. There is a good chance that the ramps will naturalize here in the Stokes County foothills.

The tops have a mild oniony taste, much like leeks, but more tender. They made a delicious pesto.


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  1. Jo wrote:

    I have read about Ramp Festivals held at several locations during April. Glad you are introducing them to Stokes County as they are becoming scarce in the wild in some locations. (Per an on-line report.)
    Presentation of vegetables with the pesto is beautiful. Made me want to reach in and grab a bite.

    Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 12:25 am | Permalink

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