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Exploratory drilling — it’s come to that


Today a big truck belonging to Patterson Exploration Services rolled into the little town of Walnut Cove, five days earlier than expected. The truck is a drilling rig that will drill a core-sample hole 1,750 deep to look for the presence of frackable gas. This is at taxpayer expense. The core sample was mandated by the right-wing N.C. General Assembly, now a puppet to corporate influences such as ALEC and banking money out of Charlotte.

The people here feel like they’ve been hit by shock and awe. It might as well be 1968, with Soviet tanks rolling into Prague.

There will be another public meeting Tuesday evening, at which we’ll learn what the people’s next move is going to be.

Here is a link to the story in the Winston-Salem Journal.




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  1. DCS wrote:

    Sleazy, underhanded bastards in Raleigh.

    They did this to get ahead of a possible temporary restraining order. This should not stop the NAACP and environmental groups from pressing ahead with legal action.

    Y’all should flood the next meeting of the Walnut Cover Town Council. Make them understand that there will be consequences at the voting booth.

    There desperately needs to be some coverage, including guest columns and editorials, in the News & Observer in Raleigh. Those evil bastards would like nothing better than to have this whole thing unfold out of sight in a small town they think no one cares about.

    They are truly evil bastards.


    Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

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