Casserole? Or terrine?


It’s casserole season. I wanted to experiment with the casserole’s layered French cousin, the terrine. What I ended up with was a bit too rustic and Irish looking to properly be called a terrine, but it sure was good.

I used a layer of peas, a layer of carrots, a layer of kale, and a layer of breadcrumb dressing similar to holiday dressing. I used grated cheese to hold the carrots together, and some beaten eggs to hold the pea, kale, and breadcrumb mixtures together. I used a lot of celery and onions in the dressing, and a bit of sage.

If you use nice ingredients for your layers, and if you season everything nicely, you can’t go wrong. Casseroles take time, but they make fine leftovers, so all things considered casseroles probably cut down on overall cooking time.

Bread never goes uneaten. Either it’s made into toasted bread crumbs or French toast, or the chickens get it.

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