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A visit to Rag Apple Lassie vineyards


One of my favorite wineries in the Yadkin Valley is Rag Apple Lassie. It’s near Boonville in Yadkin County. Many of the Yadkin Valley wineries are hobby operations, typically started by rich CEO’s intrigued with the idea of making wine. Rag Apple Lassie, on the other hand, started as a true agricultural enterprise by former tobacco farmers who wanted to reinvent themselves in the modern world. The land has been in the Hobson family for more than a hundred years.

“Rag Apple Lassie” was a favorite dairy cow for whom the winery was named. Jenna Hobson, the matriarch of the Hobson family who presides over the business, gives everything a feminine touch, including the names they give their wines.

To a wine lover with Californiafied tastes, many of the Yadkin Valley wines are less robust than the sassy Sonoma wines that I prefer. I do like Rag Apple Lassie’s chardonnays.

The mountain in the background is Pilot Mountain, which is part of the little Saura mountain range that connects the Yadkin Valley with the Dan River Valley.


Jenna Hobson in her tasting room

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